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Pi BSP Project Development Concepts

I’m not a Linux guy, so the first thing I thought when I saw news articles on the device was if I could get Windows Compact 7 (Windows CE) running on the device.  It seemed to be a challenge right … Continue reading

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I have a new Raspberry Pi!

The Raspberry Pi is a revolutionary computer.  Not because it’s fast, although it does okay.  It’s because the Raspberry Pi costs only $35.  For that you get an ARM based Broadcomm CPU, 256 Meg of RAM, 2 USB ports, an … Continue reading

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Silverlight for Windows Embedded

The Embedded world has both seen significant change and not so much change since Microsoft introduced Windows CE 1.0 back in 1996. Back then, when Microsoft introduced a fully featured GUI based operating system, one of the touted features was … Continue reading

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Hey! I've Updated my Site

You may notice a bit of a change.  I’ve updated my site and blog.  I hope to bring new and interesting content to the blog.  Let me know what you think.

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Windows Embedded Compact 7 Announced

Microsoft has (finally) announced Windows Embedded Compact 7.  The release would more appropriately be called Windows CE 7 but the marketing people decided they knew better.  This is a significant update to Windows CE (oops, Compact, or Embedded Compact, or … Continue reading

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Windows Phone and Multitasking

There is a huge amount of interest in the new Windows Phone platform.  This new platform is new and cool and provides a great platform for applications.  The new Windows Phone programming model uses a custom built Silverlight runtime to … Continue reading

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Let’s try this again…

Okay, I’m not the best blogger in the world.  Actually, I’ve been a horrible blogger.  Aside from the trip blog I did last year, my last post was 2 years ago…  Still, I’m going to try, try again. Windows Phone … Continue reading

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ThinkPads and AHCI Hard Disks

I have a Thinkpad T60p and I wanted to upgrade to one of these new 7200 RPM 320G disks.  I purchased a Seagate Momentus drive and, as I’ve done with other disk upgrades, just plugged the drive into the laptop … Continue reading

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BSP Template

The Microsoft CE Base Team has posted a Board Support Package (BSP) template on their blog here.  While it’s clearly a work in progress, its great documentation on what entry points are both required and optional in a Windows CE … Continue reading

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Windows Mobile 6.1 Memory Management Changes

I just returned from the Microsoft TechEd conference in Orlando.  While there, I gave two talks and presented a Preconference tutorial. During the preconference tutorial, I discussed changes to the Windows Mobile 6.1 memory model.  Here is a short summary … Continue reading

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