Windows Embedded Compact 7 Announced

Microsoft has (finally) announced Windows Embedded Compact 7.  The release would more appropriately be called Windows CE 7 but the marketing people decided they knew better.  This is a significant update to Windows CE (oops, Compact, or Embedded Compact, or Windows Embedded Compact, or WEC) with an updated kernel, network stack, better integration with Win 7 device technologies and lots more.

The big news from a technical perspective is OS support for multicore processors (I’ve run it on a 4 core ARM CPU and it rocks!) and support for up to 3 GB of physical RAM.  The new kernel also supports ARM 7 (but as a tradeoff, ARM 4 support is dropped).

The network stack has been upgraded to a more modern version of Winsock.  A component has been added to allow WEC-based devices to integrate seamlessly into Windows Device Stage.  They’ve also added back the Office Viewer applications that were removed in CE 6.

Silverlight For Embedded, first released in CE 6 Release 3, has been updated to support Silverlight 3 constructs and is accompanied by a powerful development tool that eases the integration work to hook in the C++ code behind. Multitouch and gesture support has also been added.

There’s lots more to this significant release.  Check out for details.

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