Doug’s Book

Programming Microsoft Embedded Windows CE is my book on Windows CE programming.

The fourth edition has been updated to cover the latest version of Windows Embedded CE and contains new material covering the latest version of Windows Embedded CE

New material has been added to cover the updates to Windows Embedded CE 6.0.  This includes the new memory architecture. A more in depth discussion of the file system and storage manager and updates on device drivers.

Chapter Outline

I. Windows Programming Basics

1. Hello Windows CE

2. Drawing on the Screen

3. Input: Keyboard, Menus, and Touch Screen

4. Windows and Controls

II. Windows CE Basics

5. Windows CE Common Controls

6. Dialog Boxes and Property Sheets

7. Memory Management

8. Modules, Processes, and Threads

9. Files and File Systems

10. The Windows CE Registry

11. Windows CE Databases

12. Notifications

III. Communications

13. Serial Communications

14. Windows Networking

15. Device to Device Communication

16. Connecting to the Desktop

IV. Advanced Topics

17. The Explorer Shell

18. System Programming

19. Windows CE Device Drivers and Services

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